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Dark Romance

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The Hate Vow

Gritty enemies to lovers MC romance

I used to think that I was better than him, and I didn’t miss an opportunity to let him know it. 

Turns out, karma is a bitch.

Lock Me Inside

My enemies, my stepbrothers, my worst nightmare.

When my mother announces she's been dating someone, the last person I expect it to be is James Alistair––the father of two of my biggest bullies.

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Lock Me Inside

Extended Edition

Signed special edition gold foiled cover.
Includes two bonus chapters!

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Lock Me Inside
Bonus Chapters

Download TWO bonus chapters.

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Monroe was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I should’ve killed her when I had the chance. But instead, to make her keep my secrets, I took her freedom and made her my captive. She swore she’d hate me forever, but that was before I stole her innocence, too. Now she knows how good my forbidden touch feels, and it won’t take long before she transforms into the broken toy I’ve always wanted. And after that, there will be no going back…

Hard Times

Even before I met them I knew they were trouble. It was supposed to be a simple prison transfer that ended up anything but. Hunter and Ryker were two hardened criminals that shouldn’t look as good as they do.
I read their files. Ryker likes to torture people to death. So when they kidnap me, I know my fate is sealed. I’ll do anything to survive, but will it be enough?

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Corium University

She came here for protection, but that’s the last thing she's going to find.

Young Adult Romance


The Quiet Game

She has no place she feels safe, nobody she can turn to. Until him.

Elisa has always been a quiet person. Staying in the background and observing instead of participating is her safety net. A long time ago, she promised herself not to talk to people unless she has to. Suddenly she finds herself in a dangerous situation she couldn’t anticipate. She is helpless and more alone than ever. Then someone from her past shows up and she realizes that she had never been alone at all.

The Things We Hide

Jenna, though not quite eighteen, has experienced more hardships than many do in their entire lives.
There are many parts of her life that she hides from the people she cares about. Some parts because she wants to and others because she has to. When she and Hunter finally get together after being friends, she is the happiest she has ever been. Until her biggest secret comes out and her whole life starts to unravel.


The Lies We Tell

Somehow, she calms me and makes me feel sane. The feeling is so foreign to me that I really had to think about what it is. It’s peace. I have always felt so out of control, like an uncontrollable storm that destroys everything in its path. When I am with her, I feel at peace. She is able to calm the storm inside me as nothing has before. I know I don’t deserve this peace she is giving me, but I don’t want it to stop either.

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