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Lock Me Inside Paperback

Lock Me Inside Paperback

My enemies, my stepbrothers, my worst nightmare.

When my mother announces she's been dating someone, the last person I expect it to be is James Alistair––the father of two of my biggest bullies.

Nix and Colt Alistair.

I never knew why, but they always hated me. In school, they made my life hell, and apparently, nothing has changed. Only this time, instead of cruel jokes, things get physical, and when our parents leave for their honeymoon, I find out how far Colt is willing to take this.

I thought the worst time of my life was over.

I was wrong.

***This is DARK fiction with a little bit of romance, including many triggers. Please reach out to the author for a complete list of triggers. This can be read as a STANDALONE, no cliffhanger!***


    No returns.

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