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The Hate Vow Paperback

The Hate Vow Paperback


I used to think that I was better than him. I thrived at a private school for gifted children, and he barely made it through the public school system. I was smarter, and I didn’t miss an opportunity to let him know it. Then, I told a lie to get him in trouble and out of my way.
Turns out, karma is a bitch.
Five years later, my once oh so promising life is nothing more than a fading memory. I’ve hit rock bottom. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, fate has one more cruel twist in store for me.


I hated her from the moment we met. My hate has only grown over the years. I lost everything because of her, went to jail and became the man I am today.
So, when she shows up at my club, unable to repay her debt, I can’t believe my luck. She owes me more than the five grand, and I’m going to enjoy making her pay.

**This is a DARK Romance, includes dub-con and non-con, not suitable for all readers**

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