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Their Captive Paperback

Their Captive Paperback

Three brothers out for revenge, out to avenge one man's wrongdoings.

He killed everyone we ever loved. He stole the world from us and nearly killed us in the process. So we waited, we watched… and then we took his most treasured possession, his princess, his one and only daughter. We knew she was innocent in our war, that she didn’t deserve our rage, our violence, but we didn’t care. Nothing would stop us from getting justice for our family.

Until something changed... and her cries of fear turned into cries of pleasure. Slowly, bringing us, one by one to our knees, making us fall for the enemy. But feelings aside someone had to pay for the damage that had been done, blood had been drawn, people had been killed and Jessa no matter how we felt about her would be the one to suffer.

**This is a DARK reverse harem romance. It contains mature adult theme including sexual themes that may not be suitable for all readers. If you’re sensitive to these types of things then please do not read this book. Contains only M/F action. HEA included. NO cheating. NO cliffhanger.**


    No returns.

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