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When Rivals Love Paperback

When Rivals Love Paperback


I thought I knew the truth, but I didn’t. Secrets surround me, every aspect of my life was a lie. The Bishop brothers are the only beacon of light in my dark world. They’re the only ones that can protect me, the only ones that truly care. Finally, I have the leverage I need to escape my father’s clutches, to fight back, but when the truth comes out, and the puzzle pieces of our pasts come together… I’m left wondering there will ever be a future for the Bishop's and I?

We couldn’t watch her marry a man she doesn’t love. We had to do something, even if it was drastic and completely reckless. Loving a Lockwood is forbidden, taboo, wrong in so many ways, but we don’t care about what our father or anyone else thinks. All we care about is Harlow. She belongs with us and we’ll do everything in our power to keep her safe... everything to free her from the hold her family has on her. To us she’s not just a Lockwood, and were not Bishops stuck in the same vicious cycle of hate and love. We’ll get our happily ever after no matter the price.


    No returns.

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